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harry meadley

Harry Meadley was born in Leeds in 1987 and studied at Leeds College of Art between 2005 and 2006 and then at Leeds Metropolitan University from 2006 to 2009.

He has recently been included in: superscript, East Street Arts, Leeds; ,,Sammelb√§nde”, East Street Arts, Leeds; ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, Buchmann Galerie, Berlin; Ersatz, Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds; Interim, LCAD, Leeds.

He is included in the following publications: A Latento and A Latento 2 –Sammelb√§nde.

He was the director of the gallery MXXXII, a gallery which was located in Meadley’s locker (no.1032) at Leeds Metropolitan University. MXXXII staged 50 solo and group shows throughout 2007 and 2008.

His contribution to Interim in 2008 was to establish the Harry Meadley Prize which has now become an annual prize for fine art students on the foundation course at Leeds College of Art.

Meadley has become increasingly interested in artistic cryptology. Continually attempting to discern the various algorithms and ciphers embedded in the many parts that make up ’Art’, his works trace the inherent structures he finds, but often encrypting them further into fiendish puzzles that only welcome the most eager of art audiences, or rather, shun the idle ones. For ex Meadley will show two works with an unclear connection – a work exhibited as part of his degree show at Leeds Metropolitan University, Reclining Ghost which is a bench loaned from the Henry Moore Institute and CC a new and permanent work specially installed for ex. CC sees Meadley reclaim the locker he once had whilst a foundation student at Leeds College of Art. In this locker, now fitted with an acrylic door, he will house his entire personal archive, beginning from his Foundation portfolio and notebooks through his degree at Leeds Met and everything else to date, it will be added to over the years until full. The archive will also house his 2008 work Oubliette – a concealed external hard drive containing the only digital files relating to every work he wishes to be forgotten. Like MXXXII this work is only branded by a padlock bearing the lockers number in Roman numerals. The name holder is left blank, like every other. The only record of the lockers owner, recorded in this catalogue and remembered by those that first saw it exhibited.

With an A, but not in that way - Neon - 2009

Harry Meadley Alex Farrar, Xenofon Kavvadias, Phillip Fry, Anthony Burhouse, Kayleigh Brooks, Gillian Holding, Rosie Gammon, Theodore Reeves- Evison, David Steans, R B Grange, Simon Ringe, Alison Brien, Pete Ellis, Jo Ray, Michael Burkitt, Ahn Mi-Ok, Xymphora, Harriet Parry, Charles Sheldon, Patrick Sherwood-Hamilton, Iona Smith, A Little Sum’in Sum’in, Christopher Woodward, Rachel Carter, Mark Tovell, Rob Glew, Nick Pierce, Daniel Hird, Catherine Wilkie, Alex Chocholko, Tom Miles, John Slemensek, Simeon Barclay, Hardeep Pandhal, Paul Smith, Michael Pollard, Tom Walker, Nina Wakeford, Clare Asquith, Zeno Velia and Josephine Flynn - Engraved padlock - 2008