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ex 2010 introduction by sean kaye

ex is an annual exhibition profiling a selection of artists at the beginning of their careers. It is selected from the degree shows of fine art graduates who have formerly completed their foundation course at Leeds College of Art. The exhibition was selected by Sean Kaye, Mick Welbourn and Jenny West after visiting fourteen fine art BA shows during May and June 2010.

Chris Newlove Horton has been invited to write this year’s catalogue essay. Chris is an artist and writer based in London. He graduated from the fine art programme at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in 2009, and was a Leeds foundation student in 2005/06. His work was included in ex 2009. He is currently writing a thriller about the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his 1957 Plan For Greater Baghdad, a series of buildings he proposed for the Iraqi capital. He is a member of the arts group S P A C E C R A F T, who are curating the END OF THE WORLD PARTY at Concrete, London in September 2010. A book containing essays, fiction, images and works will be published after the event.
Sean Kaye 2010