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shepherd & wright

Hannah Shepherd was born in York in 1987, Nicola Wright was born in Reading in 1987. They are both currently on the BA Sculpture and Environmental Art course at Glasgow School of Art.

They have a forthcoming show at White Space, Glasgow in April 2008.

Shepherd and Wright are interested in the
home made and in a nostalgia for specific objects and experiences. Their piece for Interim, Old Dog, New Tricks is a floor level video projection of two sets of feet tap dancing side by side. One of the performers is familiar with the performative act of tap dancing whilst the other is not. Corrective heels based upon those found in Glasgow’s Huntarian museum are worn by the performer to which dance is unfamiliar. The action is performed both simultaneously and in turn in order to heighten the difference in their varying abilities. The wood turned heels oscillate between being a hindrance and a help. While the corrective shoes are taken from medicine ‘to attempt to correct physiological flat feet, knock knees or bow legs’ the makeshift solution of the heels act as a prop or support to the dancer, referencing dance posture and the Cuban heels of traditional dance footwear.